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Come and have a look at our mini beach hut display. 

In store, we like to produce samples using the product so that people can appreciate its qualities and colour once applied. Each beach hut is hand-painted which makes it easier for you to choose the right colour. It's easier to choose from than the traditional printed colour card. You can take the huts outside in the sun to really appreciate how your chosen colour would look in different lights. Painted in Sadolin Superdec which is self-priming and undercoating with up to 10 years durable protection. It can be used on multiple surfaces and has a flexible finish for exterior wood. 

Beach Huts - DDS
Beach Huts Beach - DDS



Much like our beach hut display, The Egg & Spoon Collection  serves the same purpose, to make it easier to choose colours that are perfect for your home. Give your space a new lease of life with The Egg & Spoon Collection . This collection is hand-painted eggs and spoons. We have a wide range of colours on display such as different shades of greys, reds, blues, yellows and greens. Pick your favourite spoon colour and find the perfect, harmonious colour egg to compliment.



Egg & Spoon Logo Registered .png
Green Spoons from The Egg and Spoon Collection.jpg
Grey Eggs - The Egg & Spoon Collection
Red Eggs - The Egg & Spoons
Grey Spoons - The Egg & Spoon Collection

The Egg & Spoon Collection    is a registered trademark.


Blue The Egg & Spoon Collection
Yellow Egg and Spoons
Red Spoons - The Egg & Spoon Collection

The Greys

Introducing our very own colour collection, The Greys! Each colour has been named by our creative team. This collection is on display in our showroom in store. Our collection includes colours like our most popular greys, Pave The Way, Artemis, Niveous, Court Grey and more.


Grey is a neutral and balanced shade which gives a clean, elegant finish. The neutral influence of grey keeps a perfect, harmonising tone and inspires patience, reflection and organisation. 

The Greys - Colour Collection Dereham Decorating Supplies
The Display, The Greys - Dereham Decorating Supplies


In our showroom, we have over 200 wallpaper books for you to look through. We have books by Morris & Co, Sanderson, Casadeco, Farrow & Ball and even more brands!

From bursts of colour with gorgeous patterns to simple plains, we can help you find the ideal wallpaper for your home.

Keep an eye out on our social media accounts as we do a weekly #WallpaperWednesday for inspiration!

Wallpaper Showroom - Dereham Decorating Supplies


Instant colour analysis by Spectrophotometer creates the best scientific colour match.

If you bring us the sample, we can match the colour! Whether it's a piece of fabric, a sample of wallpaper or your favourite flower, we can use our spectrophotometer to analyse the colour content and produce a tinting formulation unique to you. 

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